Anne Et Valentin

Just like our frames, that we imagine, design and prototype ourselves, each ANNE & VALENTIN store is fully imagined by our creative team in Toulouse. To begin with, we pick locations to which we feel strongly connected to, that are akin to our values and esthetics, and where we know you will feel at home. Our teams create, sift through and bring together each object displayed, meant to bring life to entirely original spaces, unlike any others. Each of our choices is of importance and reflects the House’s love of fine things… The ceramics, the furniture, the decoration, the lighting, everything has a place of it own, in harmony with our approach and our philosophy.

This same philosophy pushes us, from time to time, to house friendly brands whose work and standards match our values and sensitivity. As a result, each site is filled with its own identity. And then, there is the human element, crucial and essential, which we hold close to heart. We train our opticians to insure that our know-how is passed on, be it technical or artistic. Our spaces are each as unique and personal as you are. When you visit one of our stores, you will see that we take our time, that our attention to detail is innate, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and attention is king. We are creator-opticians. Visual comfort is a priority, as is the quality of our lenses. Your frames are also mounted on site, in our workshops. Understanding you and finding the right model for you to shine, to assert your personality – it’s what we do.