About us

Bricks and Mortar: The Eye Place is an independent opticians, owned and operated by Alex Kemp, a third generation optometrist. Working on the philosophy to provide a 'different level of eye care', The Eye Place has spent the last decade building an enviable reputation founded on using state of the art and cutting edge technology.

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The Advanced Eye Examination is bespoke to The Eye Place that allows Alex and his team of optometrists to view fully and detect significantly earlier eye diseases and associated systemic diseases. Early diagnosis means any cause for concern can be acted on rapidly. Alex describes himself not only as an optometrist but also as a data collector, and the better the data he holds about your eye health, the more accurately and earlier he will find any changes that might occur. Alex has always believed in the use of top level technology to monitor eye health and struggles to believe that the majority of eye exams undertaken in the UK still do not offer digital technology to record and contrast eye examination results as standard.

Our Locations
Belsize Park/Fleet Street/Fitzrovia/Bakewell/Dore