Gotti DC05
Gotti DC05

Gotti DC05

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Progressive to the very last detail – fashionable rimless sunglasses in stainless steel. With Dark green, light green or light brown shades.

SIZE 60/17

The decisive connecting part between the stainless steel and eyeglass lens is manufactured using 3D printing. These perfect material characteristics provide a durable connection as well as a soft protective covering to preserve the glass at the same time. The components of the glasses are manufactured in our own factory in Switzerland from high-quality Sandvik stainless steel, which possesses the required flexibility. The result: Ultralight and precise glasses “Made in Switzerland.”

The future is rimless. A truly substantial launch: Götti reinvents and perfects rimless eyewear. The Perspective Collection: radically minimalist. Progressive to the very last detail. Technically and aesthetically the world’s most advanced rimless glasses. No screws, no glue, no soldering involved ̶ a work of constructivist artistry. Get rimless.